First, you don’t need to be a professional to sell photos, you can even sell photos straight, from your smartphone that you might have taken on vacation or on a day with your friends, with family or whatever it is that you do, and you have all these photos on your phone you can sell them if you’re professional and you do a lot of photography, so no matter what skill level you are?, what kind of equipment you have?…

you can sell your photos using these ten different ways and you using many of them at the same time in many cases

make money online




the first one, I would recommend you check out is Shutterstock, Shutterstock is one of the biggest image sites in the entire world as far as stock photography, vectors, videos things like that this is what their website kind of looks like and you know you can find just about any image you could possibly think of on here they pay pretty well, you can make.

around probably twenty to thirty percent commission’s or royalties from the sale of your photos and this really can add up especially when you are cranking out a lot of photos and if the more you sell of course the more you make but considering how much traffic their website gets as well is another big reason why you should check out Shutterstock, maybe their royalties aren’t as good as you might want maybe you want 50 percent or more but with the amount of traffic they have and still a

decent royalty, it’s definitely going to be one of the better incomes you have as a photographer if you compare it to what you would get from many other spot,s so I would definitely recommend going to Shutterstock first especially if you’re more of a hobbyist or professional level and you can see the image breakdown or the earnings breakdown of course on their website and also sign up to become a contributor to do that just go this link: and sign up as a contributor at the top right corner of the website, and it’ll take you to a page to start selling photos, but before you do that and put in your information to be reviewed to become a contributor you might want to get the contributor success guide which they will send you once you just put in your email and a little bit of info about you, or you can get the protecting your content guide which will just kind of keep you from having trouble with people ripping off your photos and things like that, so I would definitely recommend going to shutterstock and go to submit to get started

foap is more of an amateur type of photo selling service, and it’s actually an app that you can get on your phone it’s completely free, and you can go to folk calm and get started there, and sign up or you can just go straight to the app you can get the app on Google Play and in the Apple App Store, so whatever device you have, you can get it and it’s a free app like I said and it allows you to sell photos straight from your phone, so if you have all kinds of just photos you’ve taken on vacation with your friends, with your family, of scenery, of nature whatever it

is that you take photos of we all have photos on our phones anyway you might as well make a little bit of extra money from them, and you can make pretty good money doing it you might get five dollars for each photocell and if you sell the same photo unlimited times… imagine how much that can add up, so if you get five dollars per photo you can really add up especially if you keep uploading more and more photos you can also see kind of what’s popular to get an idea of what type of photos get paid for the most, so just get the app to get started with vote


iStockphoto really compete with Shutterstock is probably one of the most well known stock photography websites in the world they have won the biggest amount of traffic to your to their website, they do photos illustrations, video, audio just like Shutterstock and they’re probably shorter stalks biggest competitors, so they have a process you need to go through to get actually started selling and you can go to the website I’ll have a link to where you sign up, which is a page that looks like this where they break down the royalties and they give you a place to kind of apply and of course they have an approval process you might have to show them a few example photos and things like that but you can make a lot of money from them, maybe up to about forty five percent commission’s from iStockphoto, so a little bit higher than their main competitor Shutterstock, but you can kind of compare them or use the same photos possibly or just use a little bit of both to kind of see which ones you like better but definitely iStockphoto is one of the most heavy traffic photo selling sites on the internet so you will get a ton of visibility if you have good stuff


clashot in class shot is actually a really cool service they actually allow you to sell your photos through an app and you can go to clash comm to see kind of what they’re about and how it works but you actually make the price of your photos unlike foap which would be one of their competitors where you get paid about five dollars per sale you can actually charge 50 cents to $80 per photo so then it gets sold and you keep a big chunk of that you can get the app for Apple or Android devices, so you can upload straight from your phone to the app and start selling photos for however much you think your photos are worth and they have promotions going all the time and stuff like that as well, so I would definitely recommend in clashot, you can go to their FAQ to read more about their how it’s sold and their partners that they sell it through and things like that and how it works, but definitely try getting their app getting started with that and start selling some of your photos whether you’re an amateur hobbyist or professional, whatever your situation is, you can make pretty good money from clashot

SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Pro is more of a professional site kind of like say shoulder stock, it’s a big site lots of traffic so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll get enough visibility for, it to be worth your time or not, but they really have a very professional site and it’s very easy to get started and you can just go to a SmugMug comm /features /font line where you can actually get started, you can set your price list and things like that and start setting up shop in selling photos they will also give you analytics and things like that to kind of see how well you’re doing and it’s just a really nice site very simple, very straightforward lots of traffic and if you’re a professional or an amateur especially I would definitely recommend you try SmugMug if you do a lot of photography can make you really good money and you can kind of set your own price kind of how much you want to make and kind of negotiate it through their price list creation here on their application


snapwi is another photo site they also have an app and you can use snapwi to sell your photos of course whether you’re an amateur or professional, someone who just has photos on their phone, they do review submissions though it’s I don’t think foap or clashot actually do that so, it might be a little more professional than those two apps but things like that just help it stay a quality site and it’s just a great place to for people to find not only free images but premium images as well you can download the app or you can actually I will show you where you can go to get started and go to I shoot beautiful photos it’s on the home page, apply to start selling photos and there’s two ways to earn and you have requests and challenges and there’s also the portfolio marketplace way to go all you do is you click the sign me up button on this page, it actually pays a lot better than most photography websites plus they

have the app for Google Play and Amazon as well and Apple so definitely one of the top ones I would recommend and you get to keep a lot more of your money that you make then a lot of them so snapwi is great this is the kind of what their app symbol looks like if you’re looking for it on a App Store



alamy is a website to make money from, of course one of the bigger photography websites around the world they claim to be the biggest whether or not that’s true you’d have to kind of look at their traffic and compare it to probably iStockphoto and Shutterstock, because those two are usually the first ones that come to mind for me and for many others as far as the top photo sites like they advertise up here they have millions almost a hundred million stock photo photos vectors and videos on there right, now if you want to sell images you just have to go to their menu, at the top go to page, it says sell images and they will kind of give you a breakdown of how everything works, and you can apply to start selling images, so they have kind of their frequently asked questions, so you know all the stuff you need to know about it and instead of making a measly 30% or less or something you actually get 50/50 as far as the royalties go, so you make more than most photo sites with alamy and still get a lot of traffic and visibility, so if you’re pretty much any kind of photographer and want to sell photos that’s one of the first places you should go


markshot is a you know another one of the biggest apps as far as selling photos, you can get it for both Apple and Android devices, so you can go to their website to find those links or you can go to your preferred app store and you can get photos on mark shot and markshot is a big leader as far as one of the top apps and they don’t have any kind of subscriptions and things like that so they also check for copyright so it’s a very high quality one it’s not just some complete amateur site that doesn’t care they allow you to earn 50% when people buy your photos so they pay you 50% of royalties and that’s a really nice bonus of course, so you can get started just by getting the app or you can sign up here on their website

dreams time

dreams time allows you to make money selling your photos whether you are an amateur whether you’re more of a hobbyist they even have apps now for both Apple and Android devices so you can get the apps as well you can sign up for free here and they have a really nice site really impressive and 16 million users they claimed 51 million stock images which is pretty impressive, and if you want to actually start selling your photos images and videos on dreams time you can go to dreams, sell it will take you to a page like this where they have a breakdown of your royalties which up range from 25 percent to around 60 percent course they have different levels as well but ultimately you can make up to 60 percent revenue from dreams time depending on what level, you’re at and what type of images you’re selling but definitely a great site they pay you pretty well and they get good traffic so it’s definitely one I would consider and you can register here at the register page on the dreams slash sell page you just go here to register and like I said I’ll have all the links for you and last but not least is I’am, so I am is an app that you can get where you can sell your photos where you can buy photos or things like that, get free photos and it’s one of the top ones as far as the apps go you can become a seller and sell your photos, just by going to the website and clicking the sell your photos page right here which will take you to I am calm slash market slash sell slash info ah, I’ll have a point to you for that in the description you just fill out this stuff sign up and it allow you to start selling you make up to fifty percent every time you sell actually you make exactly fifty percent so they split it 50/50 with you they make sure your copyright is in check and you can sell what some of the top image sites in the world so you can import from a lot of different places it’s very easy to get your photos on here which is always nice, you can use the web uploader you can also import from Flickr Dropbox Google and so it makes it really easy they have an app and it’s both for Apple and for Android devices so definitely easy to get started very straightforward you can go to the website or go to the app and start selling photos on I am where you can get paid 50% for each sale so if you got something from this video if you feel like you learned about some really cool places to sell photos whether you’re an amateur whether you’re a hobbyist whether you’re a professional or someone who just has some photos on their smartphone and they’re looking to make some extra money if you feel like you got something from this video at all like and subscribe so I can create more videos like this for you to help you out there’s some other photo sites that pay pretty good commissions and have pretty good traffic or maybe their apps that I didn’t mention in this video that you thought should have been mentioned or if you just want to let me know what you thought about the video overall let me.


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