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now let’s talk about the next one which I think is very lucrative and it’s something that people should really really take into consideration which is actually becoming a manager for people who are blowing up on this platform, okay, there’s so much money in this, essentially you can become a manager for people who are blowing up on this platform, a lot of people who blow up on tik-tok they end up with a million, two million, five million followers and they didn’t really do it sort of as a business, but it’s the kind of just did it because it was fun, you know, maybe they’re dancing, they’re doing some voiceover things, whatever they were doing, it was just fun and they meet somebody in a lot of cases to kind of handle the business side of it of how they’re getting sponsors, how they’re getting deals, doing live events whatever it is, you can become the person who becomes the middleman there, and connects them to sponsors connects them to brands, I know that for myself, I pay people 15 to 20 percent is typically, the industry norm for brand deals right so, if I’m promoting say I promote a company for five thousand dollars per video, which I’ll do on my other channel and if

I’m doing that, then the person who connects that, the ads manager or the person who’s managing that is getting 15 to 20 percent, usually I try to do 15 % deals so they’re getting 15 percent of five grand for not too much work, that’s about $750 they’re pocketing for being the middleman, they’re helping me with that hopefully

building tik-tok pages and then selling them

look brands, we’ll pay money for this they did this with Instagram years ago, people would build these Instagram pages to hundreds of thousands of millions of followers, and then sell them to companies, sell them to people who will then use those to try to make more money or build brand awareness whatever it is building sites or building tik-tok pages and then selling them is certainly an option, it might not be all in good terms with their Terms of Service, so be careful with that, take that as a grain of salt, but the point here is that it is something that you could potentially explore obviously, do it at your own risk, because I would assume that you’re not allowed to sell or buy tik-tok pages, but it is something that people will start doing in the future, they’ve done it with Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages, they’ve done it with all those, and they’re going to start doing it with tik-tok, it’s something that you can certainly make some money from, and I see a lot of people to who will run tik-tok pages, and it’s not them personally it’s not just them who are making videos but they have voiceovers, where it’s a screen recording potentially or it’s them pointing at things but it’s not actually their face, so it’s easier to sell it later on down the road is what I’ve seen people do

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