Tik-Tok is the seventh most downloaded app in the past ten years, a lot of people think that it’s this new app but the truth is it’s been around for quite some time, it has over one and a half billion downloads, and it’s something that you don’t want

to ignore, so we’re going to kind of dig into some different ways that we can monetize from this and I see people who have millions of followers on tik-tok, they should be making a lot of money but they aren’t monetizing correctly, they’re not thinking about how they can make money from it, and they end up… you know a couple of years of success on tiK-tok or something and then they end up fizzling out and getting a job right, so let’s talk about how we can actually go through this process

so if you’re not familiar with tik tok I’m going to assume, that you kind of already are, but if not just think of it sort of it’s like vines cousin or think of it as it’s sort of musically its formed into tick tock, okay, so it’s these short little videos that can be anywhere from three to sixty seconds long and a lot of them is going to be people who are probably generations, so you can see a lot of kids on there, but now that we’re in 2020 here we’re kind of pushing into this this area where it’s not just generations it’s, not just 14 to 15 year old on this app using it, but there are Millennials, so there’s even older people there’s 40, 50 year old starting to figure out what tik tok is starting to use it and so, it’s it’s definitely something that’s becoming much more widespread, and much more common versus some of these other apps, we see like Instagram or Facebook right well, you see a lot of older people on them now, even snapchat you see a lot of older people on right now, but tik tok is the one that’s almost untouched from older people until these coming years here it’s important to think about how we can monetize on this explore


right people can actually buy coins and then they can donate coins, when you’re doing live on tik-tok right, so this is a strategy, that people use to make a little bit of money, but the truth is you should not be going the route of trying to do this so every time that you go live on tik-tok, you can get people to donate money to you similar to how people might use twitch to do that, where you get donations or even with YouTube, if somebody goes live on YouTube you can, donate some money, right, that’s not something that’s going to be going to be making you a lot of money on tik-tok, and it’s not the route that I would recommend going or at least trying to do, but nevertheless that is an option that is available

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